30 Day Challenge

Reduce your digital device usage over a 30 day period and receive $ off your PHIT Ball 4SX or GRIP GRENADE purchase from PHIT WORX For Life.

30 Day Challenge 

Are you always checking for the latest post? Do you receive “Phantom Vibrate” alerts in your pants? If you have your phone at home – do you begin to feel a sense of panic?

At PHIT WORX For Life – We share your concern about our collective relationships with our digital devices. An increasing number of us are suffering from Digital Device Disorders (DDD or 3D). These are real disorders, that if left untreated, can be debilitating.

Physical Disorders

Texting Thumb/Finger (also known as Trigger Finger), Gamer’s Thumb, and Carpal-tunnel Syndrome (CTS) are a few samples of the physical disorders caused by our digital devices.

Behavioral Disorders

NOMOPHOBIAAnxiety of being Separated from one’s Mobile Device.

FOMO – General Fear Of Missing Out on a Current Event, Trend or Happening.

SOFOMOFear Of Missing Out on Social Media Posts, News, Requests and Likes.

These Physical and Behavioral disorders have been linked to excessive time spent plugged-in to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Curb your Tech Addiction with a Digital Detox

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